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Job Trade



Salary (US$) /



( Years )


Laboratory Analyst


1000 - 1300

5 - 10



Central Control Room Operator


1000 - 1100

5 - 10

3 Vertical Raw Mill Operator 4 900 - 1100

5 - 10

4 Production Supervisor 3 1000 - 1250

7 - 10

5 Shift Engineer 1 1250 - 1400

10 - 15











Role & Functions: 

1.    Sampling

To arrange and ensure collection of samples from various points in the production process (incoming/imported raw materials and other inputs for the crusher, raw mill, kiln, cement plant and packing plant sections) so that testing can carried out across the entire production process or cycle.

2.    Laboratory Testing

To conduct the appropriate laboratory test on:

a.    Incoming or imported raw materials

b.    Raw Meal

c.    Kiln Feed

d.    Clinker

e.    Cement

f.     Packing Cement

To ensure that the quality of output at each stage of the process conforms with British or American Standards. 

3.    Calibration of Laboratory Equipment

Organized the calibration of Laboratory equipment annually and to ensure they are giving accurate results. Heat of Hydration Apparatus, Bomb Calorimeter, Viscometer and Blaine Apparatus are calibrated internally. All other apparatus and machinery used for testing are calibrated.

4.    Care for Laboratory Equipment

Coordinate with Engineering and Maintenance Department on laboratory equipment and machines calibration and maintenance.

5.    SAP Records of Tests Results

Create a character, inspection, record results and issue a daily report and give weekly British Standards (BS) and monthly American Standards (ASTM) for referral. 


Job Specification:

a.    Graduate in Chemistry or Industrial Chemistry

b.    4 to 5 years relevant experience in Cement Manufacturing Industry

c.    Maximum age to 42 years old only.

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Role & Functions:

1.    KILN Operation

       To operate the kiln to ensure quality clinker is produced. Responsible in the optimization of fuel consumption, minimum dust loss and to minimize refractory damage.

2.    KILN Control

To monitor from the control room all parameters like heat airflow, oil and raw meal input to ensure proper balancing of the various parameters and produce good quality clinker.

3.    KILN Records

Maintenance of hourly log sheets of all kiln production parameters and a history of maintenance of all equipment and machinery like conveyors, fuller and Kenyon pump, compressor, safety tank, burner pipe, tec., to ensure accurate production history.

4.    KILN Equipment Maintenance

Participate in the maintenance activity during kiln shutdown to ensure that the brick lining and other maintenance jobs are carried out properly.

5.    KILN Stoppage or Shutdown

During sudden kiln stoppage, take immediate action by kiln barring in accordance with instructions, to avoid damage and deformation of the kiln.

Job Specification:

a.    Graduate of Mechanical Engineering or Chemistry

b.    4 to 5 years related experience in the cement industry

c.    Maximum age to 42 years old only.

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Role & Function:

1.    Operations of Equipment & Machine

To operate the PLC in the raw mill in accordance with Quality Control Set points and standard operating procedures. 

2.    Investigation of Problem

Responsible in the investigation of problems in the conveyor, abnormal sounds, leakages and ensure to address the problem to superior.

3.    Maintenance of Equipment & Machines

Conduct routinary inspections like gearbox, separators, separating fans, and mill house units and initiate maintenance reports.

4.    Material Loss Reduction

To take suitable steps to minimize the loss of materials in the milling process in order to maximize production efficiencies.

5.    Grinding

To ensure the grinding of limestone, iron ore, bauxite, inland sand, and laterite is carried out in accord with residue targets set by the Laboratory Department.

6.    Log Sheet

To maintain all reading/parameters in log sheet hourly in every shift and note if a parameter like temperature or pressure has gone outside the control range in order to take corrective action.

7.    Stand by Equipment & Machines

Routine check up on all stand by machinery and equipment including the standby raw mill to ensure they are always in good condition and ready to operate.

 Job Specification:

a.    Graduate of Mechanical Engineering or Industrial Chemistry

b.    4 to 5 years relevant experience in Cement manufacturing industry.

c.    Maximum age to 42 years old only. 

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Role & Functions:


Supervision of the production of clinker in accordance with British /ASTM Standards. 


Supervise and execute of planned maintenance by Engineering and Maintenance Department. Exercise vigilance for any abnormal conditions e.g. sounds, heat, vibrations and organize corrective action. Plan the shutdown of KILN for maintenance, modifications or replacement of parts to ensure all parts of the KILN are in good working conditions e.g. brick lining, thickness or replacement.  


Check the inventory of spare parts and order the stock consumed in shutdown period for availability when needed in the next shutdown/maintenance. 


Plan and propose changes in process or equipment in order to improve efficiencies improve quality or reduce costs.


Detect any traces of extraneous pollutant chemicals in the process so as to remove it from the system with minimum loss of particle dust in the process. Take actions and precautions to avoid process loss of materials and thus reduce the costs of production.      


Motivate, direct and control staff working in the KILN operations to maximize production efficiencies. Train staff in order to upgrade their skills and improve productivity

Job Specification/Qualification:

a.    Graduate of Chemistry or Chemical Engineering

b.    5 to 8 years of KILN Operations with 3 years supervisory experience.

c.    Good English communication and interpersonal relations skills.

d.    Action and result Oriented.

e.    Not more than 45 Years of Age.


Role & Functions:

1.    Update Section Head’s Work Program

Update and follow up the maintenance and operations programs that have been made by the respective Section Head to ensure that all planned jobs are completed efficiently and effectively to enable smooth running of the plant.

2.    Resolution of Problems

To resolve all routine and minor problems of operations and maintenance to ensure smooth running of the Cement Plant. For major problems, coordination and consultation with the respective head or with the Deputy General Manager for Operations.

3.    Safety

Supervision of the 2nd and 3rd shift in the enforcement of all safety precautions and regulations throughout the plant to ensure all staffs are working in a safe environment.

4.    Administrative

To manage and organize the transportation of employees coming and going for 2nd and 3rd shift in accordance to transportation itinerary.

5.    Emergencies

In case of emergencies. Arrange to transport staff by bus or ambulance to hospital in order to provide them appropriate medical treatment.

Job Specification/Qualification:

a.    Graduate in Chemical Engineering or Industrial Chemistry

b.    At least 8 years of comprehensive experience in all aspects of Cement Production and maintenance engineering experience is an advantage.

c.    Good English communication and interpersonal relations skills.

d.    Action and result Oriented.

e.    Not more than 45 Years of Age.

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Terms and Conditions of Employment:  

1.   Period of Employment 2 years – Renewable

2.   Food Allowance US$ 100 / per month

3.   Accommodation and Transportation Provided by Company

4.   Medical Insurance Provided by Company and as per Company Rules and Regulation  

5.   Employment Visa Allocation Provided by Company

6.   Joining Air Ticket Provided by Company

7.   Vacation Leave 30 days after every year

8.   Air Passage facility Once in every two (2) years

9. Working Hours 48 Hrs per week/ 8 hrs per day/ 6 days a week


Above requirements must have a SOLID EXPERIENCE IN THE CEMENT INDUSTRY.

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