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Project: Qatar                                                                             Sorry, filled.


No Job Trade Area Nos. Salary (US$) / month  Experiences (years) Status
1 Instrument  Superintendent Contruction 1   10  Filled
2 Environmental Engineer QHSE 1   10 Filled
3 HSE Manager HSE Management 1 4500 10 Filled
4 Civil & Structural Engineer Civil works 1 3500 7 - 10 Filled
  TOTAL   4      




Area: Construction



The Instrument Superintendent superintend the discipline installation carried out by the subcontractor and manages the relevant contract in order to ensure the compliance with the cost, quality and HSE requirements of the Project.



1.       Ensures through the Specialist Supervisor the assessment of the progress and its

          accounting submitted by the Subcontractor. Prepares the work progress report for the

          approval by the Construction Management.

2.       Ensures that the tests, controls and inspections are carried out by the Subcontractor

          according to the schedule and Specification requirements.

3.       Ensures that Subcontractor activities are carried out according the approved Quality

          Plan and are in compliance with the required HSE standards.

4.       Ensures that all the instrumentation installation is correctly installed for the process


5.       Supervises all checks required to complete the works, loop checks, including all

          necessary documentation preparation (necessary for final As-Built).

6.       Takes part to the preparation and updating of the construction schedule.

7.       Check the fitness for purpose of Subcontractors equipment and personnel, promoting

          any action for achieving the Project goals.

8.       Assists the Construction Management in resolving disputes and claims with the






Area: QHSE



1.       To plan and track environmental issues in operations.

2.       To ensure that knowledge of environmental protection standards and regulations (on

          emissions in air, soil and water, acoustic emissions and waste management) is

          updated and disseminated.

3.       To ensure that environmental management system conform to certification standards

          and Company policies.

4.       To use techniques and operating methods for environmental planning, training and


5.       To manage environmental obligations and conformity assessments for activities at an

          organizational Unit level, and oversee reporting.

6.       To conduct internal environmental audits.



1.       To monitor the environmental management of the site implementing control techniques

          and methodologies.

2.       To check the conformity fulfillment and verification in the environment issues for the

           activity developed to the related organizational unit.


Location: Mesaieed, Qatar

Start Date: ASAP

Duration: 6 months with possibility for renewal

Salary: Dependant on candidates experience and knowledge

Rotation: To Be Confirmed



3.  HSE Manager



1.     To manage integrated activities related to personnel health and safety, environment protection and sustainability program, ensuring management and economics, improvement in HSE standards, technological and methodological innovation.

2.     To ensure that knowledge is disseminated and acquired by all personnel, defining conduct in line with Company policies.

3.     To ensure that management system conforms to certification standards and Company policies.

4.     To advice Senior Management and to manage any obligations relating to health, safety and environment for activities performed.



1.     To support the Top Management in the HSE Policy and Guidelines definition and delivery.

2.     To support the Top Management in the Organization roles and responsibilities definition, for what concerns HSE aspects.

3.     To support the Top Management in the HSE Management System standard issue

4.     To ensure, in accordance with the Corporate guidelines, the implementation, updating, review and auditing of the Company HSE Systems.

5.     To monitor the effective implementation of appropriate Safety and Environment System procedures and provide for their updating in line with changes in Legislation and Company Directives.

6.     To provide for motivation and familiarization of all Company personnel respecting the importance of complying with Company system procedures and all Safety equipment provided.

7.     To assist the Commercial, Engineering and Operations Departments dealing with Clients in all issues concerned with Health and Safety at work.

8.     To conduct safety audits both internal and external.

9.     To take part in accident / incident investigation.

10.   To carry out analysis of accident / incident statistics, identifying trends and suggesting improvement plans.

11.   To provide technical support to Senior Management on any safety related subjects.

12.   To develop in-house safety training programs and ensure implementation.

13.   To carry out safety audits on Sub-contractors.

14.   To liaise between Clients on safety related issues.

15.   To provide safety related engineering input into new projects and modification programs.

16.  To participate to HAZOP meetings prior to procurement and installation activities.

17.  To perform Risk Assessment.

18.  To ensure proper identification of qualified HSE resources to be appointed with the company HSE department.

19.  To provide Safety support and advice, including supervision on preparation of plans 

        and procedures for initial contract start up activities



4.  Civil & Structural Engineer


Role Descriptions.



1.      Perform technical tasks assigned by Discipline Lead, related with calculation ,design,

         verification or

2.     Study activities for all steel structures and concrete foundations.

3.     Develops an optimized design for soil foundation systems

4.     Interface with other Project Specialists, Engineers and Designers.

5.     Co-ordinate technical activities performed inside or outside the Company.



A.    Development Technology know how & Commercial support

B.    Feasibility

C.    Bidding phase / Commercial proposal development

D.    Project Execution:

  1. Reviews Client's technical documentation and requirements.

  2. Maintains project technical files.

  3. Controls subcontracted discipline engineering documents.

  4. Sets up and executes assigned engineering activities such as detail design,

  5. Verification and studies relevant to any engineering topic associated to Discipline, pursuing objectives of sound engineering and design optimization in term of costs, fabrication simplicity and safety.

  6. Prepares design specifications for concrete foundation and steel design.

  7. Develops studies and calculation notes for reinforced concrete, piling works, steel structures (including connection details) and structural concrete/steel buildings.

  8. Prepares SOW and technical documentation for soil investigation contract

  9. Issues the technical bid tabulation for all geotechnical calls for tender

  10. Validates and issues project geotechnical specifications

E - Construction & start up:

  1. Provide technical support

  2. Assist when necessary, engineering adjustment on site.



- Minimum experience of 10 years as a HSE manager is required

- Must have worked in the Oil and Gas industry

- Capable to manage a complex project


Terms and Conditions of Employment:  

1. Location: Mesaieed, Qatar

2. Start Date: ASAP

3. Duration: 12 months with possibility for renewal

4. Project: Qafco 5

6. Working Hours: 10 hours per day 6 days a week

7. Rotation: 120 / 16

8. Living Allowance: Living allowance is given as per company standards

9. Accommodation: Apartment (shared)

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