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Engineering Vacancy
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Project: Croatia                                                   


Job Trade



Salary (US$) /



( Years )



Proposal Engineer




5 - 10


2 Lead Engineer  



2 - 8














Start Date:  



Working Hours: 


Living Allowance:



Rijeka, Croatia

September 2010

1 year with possibility for renewal

Sonsub Division in Saipem Croatia

8 hours a day 5 days a week

120 / 16

Paid as per company standards

Apartment will be provided




Position/Job Activity:    Lead Engineer

Job Code:                         424101

Professional Role:          Offshore Project Engineer

Department:                  Engineering

Reports To:                     Engineering Manager / Project Manager (for assigned projects).

                                          Division Manager in the case of Saipem SMS Sonsub Div.

Primary Objective:       Ensure that all project disciplines are properly and correctly managed by subordinate staff, for the successful execution of the Project.

The candidate for Sonsub Div. in Rijeka will also have to carry out activities first hand in the initial period.



1.     Responsible for all engineering activities associated with the Project, which shall be

     reviewed and approved accordingly.  This also includes, but is not limited to, documentation such as specifications, procedures, calculations, reports, drawings, etc.

2.     Generate and maintain Project Engineering Schedule in cooperation with the Project Planner ensuring all documents, Operation Reviews etc are completed on schedule.  Issue the updated Engineering Schedule to the Engineering Manager on a monthly basis or more frequently if the project requires.

3.    Responsible and accountable for remaining within engineering budget (man hours and materials) and other design targets of optimising final cost and schedule for overall project workscope.

4.     Responsible for ensuring all project items are designed, manufacture, assembled and commissioned are fit for purpose.

5.     Responsible for ensuring the team members keep the project MTO are up to date and lease with Procurement, Logistics, Expediting and Stores to ensure all items are procured, delivered and shipped on time.  This includes the upkeep of the MTO offshore and the tracking / timely return of all hire equipment.

6.     Identify and supervise all technical resources needed to complete the Project.  Assign and co-ordinate all engineering scopes of work, review work done and ensure each resource stays within assigned schedule and cost targets.  Ensure that all personnel under their control are suitably qualified to undertake the work assigned to them.

7.     Responsible for all project activities in the role of acting Project Manager in the temporary absence of the Project Manager.

8.      Responsible to all Engineering / Technical activities pertaining to the Project, as set by the project manager.  This includes but is not limited to:  conceptual design and layouts; design, fabrication and test activities; design packages/procedures preparation; approval of Scope of Work for 3rd Party Services; and approval of mobilisation plans and procedures.

9.     Supervise and responsible for activities assigned to all project 3rd Party contractors.  This includes, but is not limited to:  prepare / approve Scope of Work; approve SRF; approve ITT and participate in vendor selection process; approval of deliverables; compliance with project targets; full management of subcontracts.

10.  Oversee all external interfaces relevant to the project.  This includes, but is not limited to Client, Client provided subcontractors, 3rd party Certifying Authority and subcontractors.

11.  Oversee all external interfaces relevant to the project.  This includes, but is not limited to QHSE Department, Design Department, Analysis Department, Drawing Office, Remote Technology and Trenching Department, Fabrication, Inspection and Mobilisation Department, and Survey.

12. Responsible for ensuring all relevant information of subcontractors, equipment and tooling for the project is given to the QHSE and Fabrication, Inspection & Mobilisation Departments to enable adequate Quality Control to be performed on them.

13.  Responsible for all engineering for the offshore activities for the Project.

14. Responsible for coordinating all technical aspects and participate in the Offshore implementation of the project workscope.

15. Arrange and coordinate design and operation reviews of the project workscope.  Attendees must include Engineering Manager, relevant Principle Engineers, SPEs from out with the project team and offshore personnel from the intended offshore installation vessel.

16.  Provide the technical input for the Project HAZID, Risk Assessment & HAZOP assisting the Project QHSE Coordinator.

17.  Ensure that the Project Manager is provided with adequate technical and financial information to enable to correct and accurate preparation of project status report.

18. Ensure that all engineers under their control are fully aware of the Company’s safety objectives and that they are familiar with the HSE section of the Integrated Management System.

19. Responsible for initiating actions to prevent non-conforming condition or product.  Initiating, recommending or providing solutions to non-conformances.  Verifying the implementation of corrective action and ensuring that these have been effective and controlling further work until the deficiency or unsatisfactory condition has been corrected and the root cause resolved.

20.  Review and be familiar with Engineering & Operation Department specifications, design drawing procedures and conform to the Company’s Integrated Management System, the specific requirements of the Client and other governmental and/or statutory bodies.

21.  Responsible for compiling a ‘lessons learnt” register for the project for both onshore and offshore activities ensuring the team members actively update the logs.

22.  Responsible for ensuring the Project Engineering Record (PER) ad Return of Experience (REX) documentation is completed at the end of a project in a timely manner.  This to include all lessons learnt during the project both onshore and offshore

23.  Conduct all activities within the IMS Policy, Procedures and Work Instructions.


Qualifications & Experience:

·       University or College Engineering education to BSc/BEng or equivalent and/or engineering industry training.

·       Previous professional experience with relevant Diving, Remote Systems Engineering or Subsea Construction background.

·       Possession of current UK Oil & Gas, Norwegian Medical certificates.

·       Possession of current OPITO and OLF Survival certificates.


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 Interested applicants are invited to submit detailed resume (CV) stating personal particulars, employment history, qualifications in English to the following e-mail address : in MS Word not more than 300kb.

 Please write "your position code" on your application title and email subject.

 Application with PDF or other format and exceeding more than 300KB will not be considered.



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