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Abu Dhabi Bahrain Brunei Malaysia Saudi UEA


Location: Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam

We started mainly as a place to enjoy cakes & coffee, sandwiches and soups were immediately added to our product offering. Today, we have developed into a bakery-cafe serving high quality gourmet sandwiches, salads, pastas, and of course, sweet selections.

From friendly staff, to warm cozy ambience FLEUR-DE-LYS Bakeshop is a favourite place to gather friends & family, and enjoy tasty meals and quality baked products.


We are now opening vacancy as follow:



Job Trade


Salary (B$) / month

Salary (Rp) / month

1. Supervisor 2 800 + 75 6,950,000
2. Baker 1 650 + 75 5,750,000
3. Ice Cream maker 1 600 + 75 5,750,000
4. Cook                 2 500 - 550 + 75 4,950,000
5. Pantryman 5 400 + 75 3,750,000
6. Waiter/ Waitress 4 400 + 75 3,750,000




960 - 1440

7,800,000 - 11,700,000







exchange rate per Jan 9, 2013: 1 B$ = Rp. 7938


1. Supervisor


* Salary B$ 800 plus $75.00 food allowance with housing accommodation.

**Salary will be negotiable** (depending on qualifications in managing shop/store



* Male/Female , *Muslim *With the degree of Hotel and Restaurant or any related course.

* Minimum experienced of 5years

* Marketing skills and knowledge an advantage.                  

* strong interpersonal relationship skills to handle people.

* Highly motivated person

* Can work with minimum supervision

* Flexible and committed.

2. Baker


* Salary B$650 plus food allowance of $75 with free housing accommodation                        



* Male , Muslim, Single / Married

* 25-35 years old

* Have min. experienced in baking of at least 3-5years

* Knowledge and experiencedin baking French/European breads/pastries.

* Flexible, can work long hours

* Committed to work long term

* With positive outlook

* Knowledge in equipment machine troubleshooting

* can operate baking equipment and machine with minimum supervision.

* Can do manual operation/method

3. Ice Cream maker **For Gelateria Fiorentina requirement**


Salary B$600.00 plus $75.00 food allowance and free housing accommodation.



* Moslem, Male/Female, Single / Married

* At least 5'5" in height

* Minimum experienced in gelato prod. Of at least 3 years.

* Artistic and creative

* Flexible and work long hours

* Willingness to do multitasking.

* Can operation machine/equipment for making gelato and with minor knowledge of


* Able to make/prepare Ice cream cake.

* with knowledge in ice cream decorating is an advantage.

* Service and people oriented.

* Committed to work long term.


4. Cook


Salary B$500-$550 plus $75.00 food allowance and free housing accommodation

**Salary will be negotiable depending on qualifications**



* Moslem, Male/ Female, Single / Married

* at least 25-35 years of age.

* Minimum experinced of at least 3 years.

* Can handle high volume of production.

* Flexible and can work long hours.

* Committed to work long term.s

* Can do multi-tasking in the kitchen.

* Knowledge in inventory and production monitoring.

* With high knowledge of food safety.    

5. Pantryman or Kitchen Staff


Salary B$400.00 plus $75.00 food allowance with housing accommodation

**Salary will be negotiable depending on qualifications**



*Male , Muslim, Single / Married

* At least 24-30 years old.

* Flexible, willing to work long hours.

* Highly motivated person

* Willingness to learn kitchen preparation/ method.

* Can do manual or machine operation of kitchen equipment.

* Can work w/ minimum supervision.

6. Waiter/ Waitress


Salary B$400 plus $75.00 food allowance with housing accommodation



*Male/ Female, Moslem, Single

* At least 24-29 years old with  pleasing personality.

* Height of aT least 5'5"

* Can work long hours/ Flexible

* Highly motivated person

* Committed to work long term.

* Experienced in hotel, restaurants and other well established food industries.

* With good command of English.

* Service and people oriented.

* Knowledge/ training in handling customers complaint is an advantage.




Chef and teamís Goal

●     Chef and team ensure that vegetarian and simple healthy food is a better investment

        for your body and mind.

●     Chef passionate on freshness and simplicity of vegetarian and simple healthy food.

●     Staff passionate with professional presentation of healthy food.


Chef and Staff Analysis

●     Experience in sandwich shops and big town cafe an advantage.

●     Worked in major Kafe chain and franchise such as Starbucks, Pret-a-Manger etc.

●     Must know how to influence customer's taste in a subtle way to new fresh and healthy eating.

●     Simplicity and freshness is key.

●     Able to connect with the working class and reaching out to the affluent customers are required.


Test Schedule*           





PT. Totaldata Persada
Jl. Raya Jatikramat 8 Jatimakmur Pondok Gede

12:00 - Finish


Terms & conditions:



2 years

Start date:


Working days:

6 days per week (monday-saturday)

Working hours: 

8-10 hours per day


Provided (shared)


Allowance provided

Medical Insurance: 



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Please email your cv to


For more info's, please call us

PT. Totaldata Persada

021-8477689, 021-84994728. Attn.: Ms. Ana / Mr. Dede 

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